A Beauty Spot is a Tumour – A short explaination of my work

October 15, 2007

A beauty spot is a tumour and a foetus can be a parasite. Growth can come in the form of any number of things. In the past I would have viewed ‘Growth’ as a positive word. However, when my mum was diagnosed with cancer I began to discover a whole new world of growth. Mum’s rare bone cancer migrated around her bones but eventually migrated into the tissue, turning the tissue to bone.
Within my work plant and bodily organs together symbolise different aspects of growth. With these forms of growth I talk about how growth can become harmful out of context. This overlap of growth type and context creates new organs and new plants, which as a result become dysfunctional just as a tumour causes an organ to become dysfunctional.


One Response to “A Beauty Spot is a Tumour – A short explaination of my work”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Y’know, it’s interesting that in just about every field, growth is interpreted as being a benefit, a bonus, indeed essential. And yes, it’s a little truistic to point out that without growth there is only death. But this misconception is perpetuated every day, when the truth should more be that without change there is only eventual extinction. In fact, the status quo or stabilisation can be an acceptable alternative. Perhaps it’s merely the current lack of leadership on crucial issues presently to impact on our lives from the political sphere, but anything that helps to shift the perpetual growth paradigm in the human consciousness has (hopefully) nothing but benefits for future generations’ flexibility of mind and ideas.

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