Geez, I Need Names For these Works….

November 3, 2007

Imaginary organ (fern)

” ” as below

I was trying to think of a title for this post and all i could think was gosh it’d be easy if i just had a title for this drawing.

For this piece I studied ferns as a reference to this plant organ overlap.

Should i stop saying what the plant reference is? Is it better for it to be ambiguous??If you have any opinion it’d b useful to know for actually giving these works titles.


One Response to “Geez, I Need Names For these Works….”

  1. vaimiti Says:

    hello michelle
    I find your work very inspiring! Have you got another blog that is more up to date? I’d like to see more lol.
    I am a 1st year student at the Queensland college of art, and am really into organs too. I actually ended up up on your blog because I was searching for Anette Messager’s hanging organs.

    see ya!

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