Pamela Kleeman

January 28, 2008

I met an intriguing artist a few months ago, Pamela Kleeman. She did a floor talk at the ANCA Gallery in Canberra and the works that she has displayed spoke about ideas of the body. Ideas of the bodies identity becoming diminished by the way that society treats it. One piece consisted of an arrangement of stainless steel trays displayed on a red banquet table. Each tray held imagery of a fragment of a human body. Some showing close up of wrinkled skin, others a plate of hair. The imagery had been achieved through liquid emulsion. I think i appreciated her writing and ideas even more than her visual work. Visit her website and have a read.
Artwork by Pamela Kleeman


One Response to “Pamela Kleeman”

  1. chickenstar Says:

    the idea of an artist like this is very unique. it’s creation is very powerful and it attracts its viewer, drawing its eyes to a very uncommon art creating a different reaction and a lasting impression.

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