I would say im a textiles, sculpture, mixed media artist but currently mainly leaning towards soft sculpture….although that could change at any moment. It’s really just whatever medium i’m interested in at the time or what material will be most suiteable for the job. However, i am trained as a textile artist coming up to graduation at the end of this year at Canberra ANU.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Holly Gordon Says:

    Hello there Michelle!

    I love your site! your wooing artists are amazing. It’s a huge subject you are looking at and I love how you have summed it up so beautifully in your ‘statement’. It’s clear in the words, influencing artists and images of your work. I would love to see more of your sculptural work.It’s often hard to photograph sculptural textiles but i can’t wait to see how they come up. I will keep an eye on your site for any updates. Keep me posted! Good luck with your work. xx

  2. Darren Says:

    Your work is very strong. There is a ‘heaviness’ that is both beautiful and dark at the same time. I imagine your working large (with non-traditional paints/materials) would be quite amazing. Keep up the good work. -D

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