A beauty spot is a tumour and a foetus can be a parasite. Growth can come in the form of any number of things. In the past I would have viewed ‘Growth’ as a positive word. However, when my mum was diagnosed with cancer I began to discover a whole new world of growth. Mum’s rare bone cancer migrated around her bones but eventually migrated into the tissue, turning the tissue to bone.
Within my work plant and bodily organs together symbolise different aspects of growth. With these forms of growth I talk about how growth can become harmful out of context. This overlap of growth type and context creates new organs and new plants, which as a result become dysfunctional just as a tumour causes an organ to become dysfunctional.


I was under the impression from age 6-12 that if you touched the keyboard when the computer was off it would literally BLOW UP. heh i love my brother. But hey clearly a fear i have conquered. And now i have this awesome new way to promote my art being taught webdesign and working the web by sharon boggon (see her blog on working the net)

But hey, for anyone who doesnt know me, i guess i should let you know something about myself…Im 21, coming up to the graduation of an art (textiles) degree at Canberra’s ANU, which i guess is supposed to make me ready to go out into the world to be crushed as an artist. But hey i could always become a public servant and be crushed that way instead, isn’t that our duty as canberrans.