Vine Veins

October 27, 2007


I’ve been sewing these on the machine since around June this year, they’re satin machine stitched over wire and wool and they’re coming very close to being ready to exhibit. This is a work in progress shot of a display possibility. I’m working on 3 main pieces for this graduating exhibition, which include; this vein vine, a series of drawings (1 of which is on an earlier post), and a series of smaller sculptural pieces. These little red morsels below are the beginnings of the small sculptural piece.




Penetration 1993-94

sewn and stuffed fabric elements, angora wool, eight lights
overall (variable) 500.0 (h) x 500.0 (w) x 1100.0 (d) cm

Annette Messager works in such a diverse range of media that it seems no artist is immune to finding inspiration in her work. Brightly coloured organs hanging from the ceiling, what more could you want! At one stage i was trying to create soft sculpture organs through thermoplastic moulding and when i discovered Messager i felt like i was suddenly looking in the mirror. I think for now i’ll leave the 3D organs up to her.

AliceLang2Alice Lang1
Alice Lang is an artist who is very much an inspiration for me at the moment with my current interest in the internal body and contextual growth and imaginary organs. Have a look at her NOISE page.